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"Where words fail - music speaks." - H. C. Anderson

For singer-songwriter Sonya S. Kahn, this quote has great personal meaning. A classically trained concert pianist and vocal powerhouse, Sonya Kahn has passionately applied her extensive education and creative talents towards that special goal - to share fresh and creative musical ideas, deepest thoughts, and endless soul through her music.

Sonya S. Kahn began playing the piano at the tender age of three, singing by age five, and songwriting by the age of six. Her family’s musical legacy is vast – her mother, an established concert pianist and university professor and also her grandmother, a singer/actress and radio personality - Sonya is her family's third generation of musically gifted women.

From age 6 to 12, child prodigy Sonya toured Europe in the musical group Sunshine, performing as lead vocalist while attending the prestigious European Music Academy. She was critically acclaimed as "The little girl with the big voice." Sonya fondly remembers, “It was my first taste of success. I loved being on stage, singing in front of thousands of people."

While continuing to further her education with occasional trips back to Europe, she moved to Los Angeles where a break quickly came along in her first release Don’t Go Away, appearing in the horror film The Thirst Directed by Jeremy Kasten. Being highly self-motivated, this further incentivized Sonya's tenacious ambition to create a 13-track labor of love filled and heartfelt ballads, driving rock songs, and fun dance tunes - a CD entitled New Beginning (2008). From the same album, Sonya released her 2009 breakout single Lonely Road, which inspired a second music video.

In 2011 Sonya released her second album Stripped Ballads, which included originals by Sonya and her own sensitive arrangements of classic songs. Recently she released another single called "Sirelis" (Darling), re-arranging an old Armenian song with a new jazzy twist. Currently, Sonya Kahn is working on a brand new album developing a new sound ⎯ targeting her youthful generation. The album is mostly never before heard pop and soulful songs, which will be released in 2018.

Sonya Kahn is a musical maverick, a force to be reckoned with, a combustive combination of dynamic professionalism, extraordinary talent, unique individuality, and exceptional beauty.

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